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The Eurodiet project was initiated in October 1998 with the aim to contribute towards a coordinated European Union (EU) and member state health promotion program on nutrition, diet, and healthy lifestyles, by establishing a network, strategy and action plan for the development of European dietary guidelines. The project has been supported by the European Commission (DG SANCO) and coordinated by the University of Crete (Greece). Realisation of the project by the Eurodiet Steering Committee has entailed a two-year process (1998-2000) of scientific evaluation, consultation and debate: Four Working Parties composed of distinguished European academics analysed and evaluated the scientific evidence (1) on the links between health and nutrients (2) on the translation of nutrients to food-based guidelines, (3) on effective promotion of these foods and healthy lifestyles and (4) on the opportunities and barriers posed by the broader policy framework. Throughout this process expert representatives from the spectrum of interests involved in this important area of public health have been invited to participate as observers in the meetings of the Steering Committee and of the Working Parties. This consultative base and the associated debate widened with the posting of the Working Party draft reports on the Eurodiet web site (, and culminated with the European Conference held in Crete 18-20 May 2000 on Nutrition and Diet for Healthy Lifestyles in Europe : Science and Policy Implications. This Core Report presents, in brief, the outcomes of this process. It is designed to give an overview to decision makers. The evidence and reference base for this core report are presented in two parts ** : The Eurodiet proceedings, comprising the final reports of the Working Parties and the proceedings of the Eurodiet Conference The scientific papers commissioned for the Eurodiet Working Party reports. These are designed for public policy advisers and others who wish to follow-up either general issues or specific topics in greater depth. A strong theme of the Eurodiet project is the potentially enormous social and economic benefits to be gained from reducing the burden of nutritionally related morbidity and mortality in Europe. The Eurodiet reports, which are concerned fundamentally with the realisation of these benefits, offer a significant contribution to the emergent debate on nutrition policy in Europe.
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