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EU Clearing house

  • Objectives:

To establish a Clearing House on food reformulation and labelling in order to provide and gather about these issues all the relevant information and to enhance the networking among existing centres of expertise and databases.

  • Period of implementation: M 10 – M 36

  • WP Description:

The European Clearing House for Agri-food SMEs and Consumers will be a tool to support the EU in the fight against non-communicable diseases. It will serve and link all stakeholders and focus on topics related to food reformulation and consumers awareness. It will lead users to relevant information, enhance the networking among existing centres of expertise, web sites, databases and gather relevant information about the project issues.

The Clearing House will host a specialized Forum that will be fundamental to review and discuss: initiatives, policies and programmes aiming at reformulating food; the current state of knowledge regarding the link between elevated consumption of energy-dense, nutrient-poor foods that are high in fat, sugar and salt and health; the effectiveness and costs benefit analysis of interventions on fat, sugar and salt, and how to evaluate and monitor industry attitudes (follow-up). Forum participants will include academics, technical staff from Ministries of health and representatives from food manufacturers, the catering industry, professional associations and NGOs.

The contents will be uploaded in the clearinghouse according to the following criteria:

-Dated in the last 5 years;

-Scientifically validated by publication in medical or social sciences peer reviewed journals;

-Target group;

-Geographic area.


The navigation structure:

-The main structure will be decided in close consultation with test group: topics, target groups and regions.

-Specific sub-structure will be decided by SALUX steering committee.

-The navigation will be flexible.

-The sub-navigation will be connected to the topics, region and target groups that the user selects when upload the material.

-A good working search engine.

-All project Languages. Type of information that will be covered by the clearinghouse documents, reports, presentations, links, posters, images, brochures and leaflets.

-A promotion strategy will be crucial as users are responsible for filling the clearinghouse themselves.


  • WP Leader and its role: ISES

ISES will be in charge of designing the Clearing House platform and of launching it on the web. ISES will have to attend to the guidelines already identified about the contents to upload and the navigation structure (described above).

Moreover, during the 2nd meeting in Paris the project consortium will identify and validate a set of indicators that all the partners have to respect to validate the contents that will be uploaded on the clearing house.

ISES will give instructions to project partners to collect local information to upload regularly and will provide them the common texts that need to be translated in all project languages.

ISES will monitor the regular updating of the information on the Clearing House, even after the project ending.

ISES will design a promotion strategy to stimulate target groups to consult the Clearing House and to participate in the Specialized Forum. In particular, ISES will guarantee, in collaboration with project partners, the sending of at least 1000 invitations to targeted contacts.

Each partner will appoint a responsible to manage the forum as moderators and to update the Clearing house section in the national language.

ISES will elaborate a sustainability plan for the maintenance of the Clearing House post EC funding. It will also start a procedure to select some sponsorships that will guarantee additional funding.

  • Partners involved and their role: TECNOGRANDA; SFVS; CANRI; UHOH; IBA; CCFRA; TUB.LMBT; AGRO-HALL; Jata – Emona; BOKU; CBHU; MTT; CODACONS; UIB

Each partner will be responsible for the translation of texts in their origin language, the checking and the updating of the Clearing House.

In particular, the Clearing House’s responsible for each country will be:

Bulgarian: CANRI

English: Campden Technology LTD

Finnish: MTT

French: Agro-Hall

German: TUB.LMBT

Hungarian: CBHU

Italian: Tecnogranda

Lithuanian: SFVS

Romanian: IBA

Slovenian: Jata-Emona

Spanish: UIB


All partners (including ISES) will integrate the digital platform in their institutional websites.

All partners will follow ISES’s promotion strategy, guaranteeing the sending of an invitation to participate in the Clearing House to at least 67 local targeted contacts.

All partners will collaborate with ISES to identify local sponsors to guarantee the sustainability of the Clearing House after EC funding.

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